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If you have never played Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Omaha-8) at small stakes/low limit tables then you are in for a wild ride! Many of your opponents will be clueless and huge amounts of money will go in the pot and to the untrained eye the result of every hand seems to be dumb random luck. The truth is, though, that Omaha is not a lottery and that it is easier to beat a low limit game of Omaha than just about any other kind of poker when you are up against weak opponents.

We'll give you the Omaha strategy you need to start winning right away!

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Read Who This Site Is For.  We do make some assumptions about your skill level (that you know the mechanics of playing the game).  If you don't know how to play we give you some tips to get started.


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You may find our Reviews, Low Limit Poker Forum (over 20,000 posts and growing) and Low Limit Blog useful resources.  If you're looking for a place to play online poker check out our review pages under Playing Online and also look at our Online Poker Room Information page for a large list of online cardrooms.

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